Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It is official I leave for Europe on August 15, 2o09. The plane ticket has already been bought and I am officially waiting for my passport to come in the mail but I am for sure going. I am so excited! I never thought that I would ever get this chance and now look at me I can't contain my excitment and I am counting down the days til I leave...YAY!

The trip may seem pretty out of no where but it originated with my friend Jimbo here up at BYU-Idaho. He served his mission in the Czech Republic and wanted to go back. I just so happen to think it was a great idea and decided to join him.

The Details:
We don't have the agenda set in stone yet but the plan is to fly into Prague, Czech Republic on the 15th of August We will possibly be staying with some of church members he knew from his mission, all the rest of the time we will stay in hostels in Czech Republic or possibly Germany. The majority of our stay we will be site seeing the Czech Republic but we have plans to venture out to Germany: to see the Berlin Wall and the Temple; Austria: because its supposed to be beautiful; and Poland: to see a concentration camp thing that I don't remember the name of. I will know more exact details as it gets closer and we sit and plan our trip more in depth.