Sunday, February 22, 2009

School Break

At the moment my life requires me to move every 4-8 months, as I travel between Utah and Idaho to go to school. I am excited to say that as of December 2009 this will no longer be the case. I will finally graduate with a bachelors in Social Work... YAY! It has been a long three years.
Anyways as of right now I am in Utah until April 19 ish. Then it will be back to Rexburg again for the final time.... Wow that is kinda crazy saying that.

I have been in Utah since December 08. Trying to keep busy with a numerous of things so I don't go crazy.

We had a chance to go bowling for Daniels B-day. It was actually a lot of fun. Although I have taken two classes in Bowling I still majorly stink at playing... you would think I am supposed to get better but nope...still suck!
Daniel might be better at bowling then me but I can still kick his butt when push comes to shove:) Even though I lost it was still a lot of fun.

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