Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girls Night Out- Wendover Trip

This last weekend my family had a Girls night out where we all went to Wendover for the weekend. The roads on the way up were pretty crazy with some major wind and dust action going on but the trip up wasn't to bad at all. We went to all of the Casinos and had a lot of fun, some of us did a lot of drinking, some a lot of gambling, and some both.

On our last day in Wendover the power went out throughout Wendover. What a place to be in, in a power outage. It was actually pretty funny at least for me who didn't have any money stuck in a slot machine. The whole town was going crazy really: they couldn't gamble because the genterators failed and the casinos were completed black, the gas pumps were down so getting gas was out of the question, people even had trouble getting into hotel rooms because the doors were electronic. Thank goodness we had filled up on gas before we left, checked out before the power went out, and lost all our money the night before or we would have been stuck there longer then we wanted. All in all though it was kinda cool seeing how the Casinos looked without any lights. We all came home with our pockets a little lighter, which is the nice way of saying we just wasted a lot of money on some pretty machines that make cool coin noises when you push a botton but all in all even with all of the drama it was fun and we all enjoyed a much needed break from our everyday hectic lives.

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