Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello Life and its Many Changes!!!

Life has officially taken hold and change has definitely been in the air. I can officially say I have never experienced as much change in my life as I have in the past 4 months. Now I am not talking about minuscule changes I am talking multiple life altering changes all occurring at once. Starting with Thanksgiving Break! Which is the most exciting change of all.. I am engaged and officially getting married on March 20, 2010 in the Utah Logan Temple!!!!! Jimbo purposed while we were in Divide, Colorado surprising his parents for Thanksgiving! We arrived on Tuesday night and Jim's Dad hide us in the basement so we could surprise the family in the morning. It was great to see everyone's responses one on one as they found out that we were there. Later on that day we went for a walk around Jim's neighborhood where he purposed! Day full of surprises and definitely one of the bests day ever!

Life altering change number two: On December 19, 2009 I officially graduated with a Bachelor's in social work from BYU-Idaho. It took 4 1/2ish long years but I finally finished. Towards the end I had a brief moment with so much going on and a really tricky abnormal psychology were I thought
I wasn't going to make it, but I did and I am so grateful. All that is left is to get licensed in the state of Idaho as an official social worker which involves a $60 application fee and a nice $263 license fee, and a brutal 170 question test. I am scheduled to take the test March 8th. I am way nervous but hopefully will have good news!

Graduating leads into my next change. The day of graduation I received my first real grown up person job. I have been working at Club Inc. in Idaho Falls since the 1st week of January as a housing case manager. Club Inc. is an organization that focuses in treatment for those with mental illness and substance abuse. I specifically am working with the housing program and those that would be homeless otherwise. There are brief moments that make me realize why I went into social work and there are already moments that make me think I must be completely crazy. The job will be challenging and already has been but I am beyond grateful to be working and having a job.

The wedding plans are coming swimmingly. We get really excited when we get to mark something off the to do list. The nicest thing is the to do list isn't to awfully long since we aren't doing anything to extravagant. The plan is to get married in the Logan Utah Temple with a small luncheon after for parents and siblings and I wouldn't imagine it being any other way!

As of plans after the wedding sadly we will be remaining in Rexburg for a little while longer but as soon as Jim finishes school we will escape as fast as possible to Colorado. For the time being we have officially placed a deposit on our first apartment. Its a nice little two bedroom apartment and I get to move in March 1st and will then wait patiently til Jimbo gets join me on the 20th.

Life is definitely crazy at the moment and March will be a way crazy month with my bridal shower on the 6th, licensure test on the 8th, receive my endowments on the 13th, my birthday on the 14th and then married on the 20th plus maintaining my full time job. Although crazy busy I am excited for it all. If there is one thing I have learned is life can change in an instance and its important to appreciate life as you experience it before life passes you by.


  1. So many exciting changes! So many blessings you truly deserve!

  2. Where in Colorado are you guys going to live? Shad and I will be moving there in a few years once I graduate from school. :) I'm sooo excited for you!